26 November 2016 -
26 November 2017

Entry for the King Of The Hills Series 2017-18 will be by ballot registration. There is a quota of 600 slots allocation to the public for each race. Pre-registration for the ballot will opened at 12 noon on Fri 1 Sep and will be free of charge. All pre-registrations received prior to 12 noon on Thu 7 Sep will be randomly assigned a ballot list position, with the exception that anyone making multiple pre-registrations who be put at the end of the list. All pre-registrants will be advised of their position on the list in the afternoon of 8 Sep. The first 600 in the list will be sent a secure invitation code link to register for as many races as they wish in the series. Registration must be completed by noon on Thu 14 Sep, at which time the invitations will be deactivated. Any slots not taken will be offered to those next in the waiting list. Waitlist roll down will be conducted on a weekly basis, until the quotas for all races are full. The position on the waitlist to which rolldown has been reached for each race will be announced each week.

If, after registering for a race, you find that you unable to participate, you may cancel at any time not less two weeks prior to that race and get a refund of $75. Cancellations requests should be sent to info@racetimingsolutions.com. Any slots that are vacant two weeks prior to each race will be made available for public registration at 12 noon on the Monday 13 days prior to that race. If you cancel after the refund deadline, your slot will be offered for public registration, but you will not be entitled to a refund. 

2017-18年度山野之王系列賽名額將會以抽籤形式進行。每場比賽都會有600個限額分配給公眾。抽籤的預先登記將於9月1 日星期五中午12時免費開放。所有在9月7 日星期四之前收到的預先登記將會隨機分配抽籤位置,除了那些重覆進行預先登記的人會被放置到候補名單的最尾位置。所有參加者將會於9月8日下午收到有關候補名單排名位置的通知。等候名單上首600名登記跑手將會收到一條安全的邀請碼去登記所有想參與的賽事。登記必須於9月14日星期四中午之前完成,其後邀請碼會停用。沒有被登記的名額將會提供給候補名單中的跑手。候補名單的更新以一星期一次進行,直至所有賽事滿額。每場比賽的候補名單排名位置將於每個星期公佈。


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26 November 2016
04 March 2017
26 November 2017
Hong Kong Island, Lantau, Tai Po & Sai Kung 港島、大嶼山,大埔及西貢, Hong Kong
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