18 November 2017

The Women's Five event is more than just a run. It's a journey of fitness that ends in a 5km run. You can join the run only or the 5 week program + run. The 5 week program has running, yoga, health and wellness activities to help you prepare, ending in an event where all participants join together to celebrate their strength and weeks of training. 這活動並不單是個跑步活動,它更是個健身旅程並以5公里跑作結尾。活動登記包括了一個免費的五星期跑步及瑜珈課程去助您準備在活動的終點與所有參加者一同參與及慶祝他們的成就和數星期來的訓練。

Our goal for the event is for it to be an agent of change in your life, encouraging the little steps that get you to the top, whatever that may be for you. 活動目的是作一個能改善您生活的媒介,鼓勵您踏出能令您成功的每一小步,不管每步對您有什麼影響。

For more detail please refer to the Event Website更多詳細資料請參考活動網頁


Course Map 比賽路線圖:

 Event information
18 November 2017
Ma On Shan Promenade 馬鞍山海濱長廊, Hong Kong
See map below
Registration is closed
5 km
Starts at 08:30

Price per participant
Through Nov 17, 2017 390.00 HKD
5 km
Starts at 08:30

Price per team
Through Nov 17, 2017 780.00 HKD

Women's Five 2017

  • Ma On Shan Promenade 馬鞍山海濱長廊
  • Hong Kong

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