5 March 2017

The King of the Hills series take place annually from late November through to early March. There are in total 5 courses, of which 4 are selected for the series in any given season. The course are in Hong Kong Island, Tai Po, Sham Tseng, Sai Kung and Lantau. For the 2016-17 season the Sham Tseng course was dropped. 山野之王系列賽每年11月下旬到3月初舉行。系列賽總5條路線,其中4條路線在任何年度賽季都被選用。路線為香港島、大埔、深井、西貢及大嶼山。而2016-2017賽季深井路線並沒被採用。

Usually, at each of the 4 stages in the series, Full Marathon and Half Marathon races are available. Runners may choose to race their preferrred distance in each event. In the 2016-17 season the Hong Kong Island stage only featured the Half distance. 通常全馬拉松和半馬拉松賽事都可在系列賽的每一場賽事被選擇。跑手可以在每一場選擇他們想參加的距離。2016-2017賽季的香港島賽事只有半程。

Series results are calculated for Full and Half distance by gender and by age group. The male and female champions of the Full series are crowned King and Queen of the Hills respectively. The calculation method is the sum of best 3 positions out of 4 races, although this has been changed to best 2 of 3 for Full in 2016-17. Where series points for two runners are equal, the last race in the series is used as the tie-breaker.    全馬拉松和半馬拉松系列賽成績以性別和年齡組別計算。整個系列賽的男子和女子冠軍分別加冕為山野之王及山野之后。計算方法是在以4場比賽中3場最佳排名之總和計算,然而2016-2017年度全馬拉松則轉為3場中最佳2場計算。當兩個跑步者的分數相同時,系列賽中的最後一場賽事被用作取決勝負。

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05 March 2017
Hong Kong, Lantau, Sai Kung & Tai Po 大嶼山,西貢及大埔
Hong Kong
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