Bibno. Participant Distance
1087Annie Cheung45km Solo
1062Arnaud Courtin45km Solo
2020Chad Cheung45km Team of 2
1028Cham Kwan Eric Fong45km Solo
1086Chamelia Suhra45km Solo
1027Chi Hang Frederick Tai45km Solo
1008Chi Hang Yip45km Solo
1007Chi Ming Tung45km Solo
1048Chi Wai Harry Ho45km Solo
1095Ching Man Leung45km Solo
1053Ching Yi Ng45km Solo
2017Cho Yi Yeung Cho Yi45km Team of 2
1076Chun Keung Chan45km Solo
1009Chun Keung Wong45km Solo
1030Chun Wa Roy Tong45km Solo
1015Chung Lai Chow45km Solo
2012Chung Wei Chiang45km Team of 2
1058Clare Au Young45km Solo
1057Cora Su Li Ang45km Solo
1089Daniel Wong45km Solo
1067David Longo45km Solo
1023Demi Lam45km Solo
1069Dennis Theodosis45km Solo
1098Dolores Sales45km Solo
1055Elliot Froidevaux45km Solo
1083Gary Tiu45km Solo
1042Gary Tiu45km Solo
1050Guijin Zhang45km Solo
1049Hang Ting Betsy Lo45km Solo
1082Hilleke van Osch45km Solo
1038Hiu Tung Tatiana Wai45km Solo
1022Ho So45km Solo
2022Hoi Ping Lai45km Team of 2
1033Hutchison Lau45km Solo
1084Iron Ng45km Solo
1063Ivy Leung45km Solo
1094Jason Chow45km Solo
1011Jason Wong45km Solo
1070Jeff Campbell45km Solo
1059Jennifer Buck45km Solo
1029Jennifer Buck45km Solo
2015Jill Elisabeth O Mahony45km Team of 2
1017Jimmy Phillips45km Solo
1066John Ahern45km Solo
1073John Ellis45km Solo
1043Jor Kwan Ho45km Solo
1081Julien Bonnard45km Solo
1002Julisa Fong45km Solo
1092Ka Cheong Michael Ng45km Solo
2021Ka Chun Cheung45km Team of 2

Number: 119