HK香港 168

HK香港 168

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1 December 2017 -
3 December 2017

HK168 is an ultra-endurance race that takes place in Hong Kong.  The 168km course in this year starts at Tai Mei Tuk, and covers some of the most beautiful scenery in Hong Kong, including remote villages, ancient forests, nature trails, reservoirs and steep hills.
HK168是一項極考驗耐力的168公里的野外長跑賽事。比賽路線從大尾篤開始,沿途經過多個郊野公園,包括古木樹林、自然遠足徑、陡險山徑、寺廟、 山澗及各主要山峰。

The race has 4 major categories with the longest course of 168km and over 8,200m elevation. This is a unique, challenging and beautiful run for the trail running enthusiast and a chance to take part in an unforgettable event.
比賽路線分為4個主要組別。最長的路線為168公里,並爬升超過8,200米。「HK168」是一個獨特及附挑戰性的山野活動,必將為參加者帶來難忘 經歷。


Solo (Open/Senior/Master/Veteran). Prizes for Top 3 in all categories, and overall Top 5 male and Top 5 female finishers for Full 168. 個人(公開組/壯年組/進步組/元老組)。所有組別頭3名均有獎項,及全程168男、女子全場前五名。

 Event information
01 December 2017
02 December 2017
03 December 2017
Tai Mei Tuk 大美督
Hong Kong
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168 km
Starts at 18:00
84 km
Starts at 10:00
55 km
Starts at 19:00
20 km
Starts at 10:00

HK香港 168

  • Tai Mei Tuk 大美督
  • Hong Kong